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Ministerial Announcement January 2015

On Tuesday 27th January 2015 Transport Minister Danny Kennedy launched the Formal Consultation process for the new road interchange at York Street in Belfast. The announcement refers to the publication of the Draft Statutory Orders which will pave the way for the improvement of the busiest junction in Northern Ireland. Speaking at an event to formally launch the consultation Danny Kennedy said: "Currently the York Street Interchange can have around 100,000 vehicles using it every day."

"The proposed improvements will separate strategic traffic from the local streets by providing direct vehicle links between the Westlink, the M2 and M3. Also included in the proposals is the construction of a new bridge to carry York Street traffic over the junction."

"This is one of the most ambitious schemes planned for Belfast for decades, and I would encourage everyone who cares about the development of our road infrastructure to get involved and take part in the public consultation process."

The Minister added: "In response to the previous consultation on the scheme the proposed York Street Bridge will now be widened to provide a new bus lane into the city and provide improved pedestrian and cycling facilities. This will improve local access from North Belfast to the City Centre"

The eventual cost of the scheme is estimated between 125million and 165million and construction could take up to three years to complete.

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