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Public Consultation Event June 2011

A two day public consultation event was held on the 1st and 2nd June 2011 in Ramada Encore Hotel in Belfast to launch a period of public consultation on the scheme options that ran from 1st June 2011 to 30th June 2011. Representatives from Roads Service and their consultants, URS, were present to answer questions and to provide assistance to members of the general public. Questionnaires were made available to the public as part of the public consultation event to provide an opportunity for the public to express their views on the four scheme options. Alternatively, representations could be made by letter or email directly to Roads Service.

The consultation period closed on 30th June 2011 and the findings from the public consultation will be summarised in the Stage 2 Public Consultation Report that will be published along with the Preferred Options Report and made available for download on this page.

Event Information

PDF Document File Size
Event Flyer 213 KB
Public Information Leaflet 2.7 MB
Public Questionnaire 74 KB

Ministerial Press Release

The Ministeral press release accompanying the public consultation can be viewed at the link below:

PDF Document File Size
Ministerial Press Release 213KB

Display Boards

PDF Document File Size
1. Welcome to the Public Consultation Event 644 KB
2. The Need for the Scheme 1.2 MB
3. Scheme Objectives 640 KB
4. The Scheme Assessment Process 85 KB
5. Summary of Progress to Date 291 KB
6. Option A (Board 1 of 2) 963 KB
7. Option A (Board 2 of 2) 614 KB
8. Option B (Board 1 of 2) 970 KB
9. Option B (Board 2 of 2) 569 KB
10. Option C (Board 1 of 2) 964 KB
11. Option C (Board 2 of 2) 587 KB
12. Option D (Board 1 of 2) 966 KB
13. Option D (Board 2 of 2) 608 KB
14. Selection of the Preferred Option 93 KB

Flythrough Animations

Existing Option A
Option B Option C
Option D  

Stage 2 Public Consultation Report

PDF Document File Size
Main Body of Report 1.3 MB
Appendix A: Press Notice 7.7 MB
Appendix B: Public Consultation Event Flyer 1.8 MB
Appendix C: Press Briefing Pack 1.8 MB
Appendix D: Public Information Leaflet 3.1 MB
Appendix E: Presentation Information List 19 KB
Appendix F: Presentation 14 MB
Appendix G: Sample Press Clippings 2.2 MB
Appendix H: Display Boards 35 MB
Appendix I: Photographs 10 MB
Appendix J: Public Questionnaire 7.2 KB
Appendix K: Geographic Distribution of Responses 8.8 MB

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