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Preferred Options Report

The Preferred Options Report presents the findings from the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Stage 2 Scheme Assessment of the scheme. The assessment is carried out in accordance with DMRB Standard TD 37/93 entitled "Scheme Assessment Reporting" and identifies the factors to be taken into account in choosing alternative routes or improvement schemes and to identify the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with those routes or schemes.

For the York Street Interchange scheme, the four Preliminary Options shortlisted by Roads Service following the completion of the Preliminary Options Report were subject to assessment.

Based on the assessment findings, the Department selected its Preferred Option for the scheme. The engineering design for the Preferred Option will now be further developed ahead of commencement of the various statutory procedures required to proceed with the scheme.

Preferred Options Report Volume 1 (Main Body of Report)

PDF Document File Size
Volume 1 4.2 MB

Preferred Options Report Volume 2 (Appendices)

PDF Document File Size
Appendix A - Project Brief 55 KB
Appendix B - Expanding the SRI Programme 2015 Equality Screening Analysis Project Brief 463 KB
Appendix C - Consultation Records 43 MB
Appendix D - Identified Departures from Standard 1.1 MB
Appendix E - Local Air Quality Report 4.2 MB
Appendix F - Cultural Heritage Assessment Report 7.2 MB
Appendix G - Traffic Noise Report 18 MB
Appendix H - Driver Stress Tables 1.7 MB

Preferred Options Report Volume 3 (AST & Figures)

PDF Document File Size
Table of Contents 573 KB
Assessment Summary Table 32 KB
List of Report Figures 55 KB
List of Engineering Drawings 55 KB
Report Figures  
Section 1 Figures 17 MB
Section 2 Figures 10 MB
Section 6.2 Figures 6.4 MB
Section 6.3 Figures 2.2 MB
Section 6.4 Figures 3.4 MB
Section 6.5 Figures 7.9 MB
Section 6.6 Figures 3.5 MB
Section 6.7 Figures 13 MB
Section 6.8 Figures 1.9 MB
Section 6.9 Figures 6.6 MB
Section 6.10 Figures 5.1 MB
Section 6.11 Figures 2.3 MB
Section 7.1 Figures 1.2 MB
Section 7.2 Figures 1.3 MB
Section 7.3 Figures 17 MB
Section 7.5 Figures 34 MB
Section 7.6 Figures 22 MB

Preferred Options Report Volume 3 (Engineering Drawings)

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Engineering Drawings  
List of Engineering Drawings 108 KB
Roads Drawings  
S105296-R-SK-A-000 – 002 Option A General Arrangement and Speed Limits & Design Speeds 4.1 MB
S105296-R-SK-A-100 – 101 Option A Profiles 1.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-A-200 – 205 Option A Cross Sections 3.2 MB
S105296-R-SK-A-301 – 310 Option A Temporary Traffic Management 9.7 MB
S105296-R-SK-B-000 – 002 Option B General Arrangement and Speed Limits & Design Speeds 4.1 MB
S105296-R-SK-B-100 – 101 Option B Profiles 1.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-B-200 – 207 Option B Cross Sections 3.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-B-301 – 310 Option B Temporary Traffic Management 9.7 MB
S105296-R-SK-C-000 – 002 Option C General Arrangement and Speed Limits & Design Speeds 3.0 MB
S105296-R-SK-C-100 – 101 Option C Profiles 1.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-C-200 – 206 Option C Cross Sections 1.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-C-301 – 310 Option C Temporary Traffic Management 1.5 MB
S105296-R-SK-D-000 – 002 Option D General Arrangement and Speed Limits & Design Speeds 4.2 MB
S105296-R-SK-D-100 – 101 Option D Profiles 1.3 MB
S105296-R-SK-D-200 – 206 Option D Cross Sections 3.3 MB
S105296-R-SK-D-301 – 310 Option D Temporary Traffic Management 5.8 MB
Structures Drawings  
S105296-S-02-02-01 M2 to Westlink Proposed Underpass Structure 332 KB
S105296-ST-SK-B-002 York Street Structure General Arrangement (Option B only) 237 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-001 York Street Structure General Arrangement 237 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-002 Dock Street Structure General Arrangement 201 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-003 M3 to Westlink Overbridge General Arrangement 205 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-004 M2 to Westlink Overbridge General Arrangement 334 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-005 Westlink to M2 Overbridge Potential Crane Locations 507 KB
S105296-ST-SK-G-006 Westlink to M2 Structure General Arrangement 283 KB
Drainage Drawings  
S105296-D-SK-EX-001 - 002 Existing Drainage 834 KB
S105296-D-SK-A-001 Proposed Road Drainage Scheme Option A 542 KB
S105296-D-SK-B-001 Proposed Road Drainage Scheme Option B 294 KB
S105296-D-SK-C-001 Proposed Road Drainage Scheme Option C 542 KB
S105296-D-SK-D-001 Proposed Road Drainage Scheme Option D 294 KB
Services Drawings  
S105296-S-SK-EX-001 - 005 Existing Utilities 794 KB
S105296-S-SK-A-001 Service Diversion Routes Option A 682 KB
S105296-S-SK-B-001 Service Diversion Routes Option B 681 KB
S105296-S-SK-C-001 Service Diversion Routes Option C 710 KB
S105296-S-SK-D-001 Service Diversion Routes Option D 637 KB
General Drawings  
S105296-R-SK-G-073 Piles and Foundations of High Containment Barrier on Westlink 2.9 MB
S105296-R-SK-G-077 - 078 Little George’s Street Retaining Walls Options A, B, C & D 980 KB
S105296-R-SK-G-115 - 118 Proposed Two-Way Running on York Street Options A, C & D 1.2 MB

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