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Preliminary Options Report

The Preliminary Options Report presents the findings from the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Stage 1 Scheme Assessment of the scheme. The assessment is carried out in accordance with DMRB Standard TD 37/93 entitled "Scheme Assessment Reporting" and identifies the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with broadly defined improvement strategies.

For the York Street Interchange Scheme, six preliminary options were identified by Roads Service and subject to assessment. Based on the assessment findings, Roads Service shortlisted four of the six options for further DMRB Stage 2 Scheme Assessment. The findings from the DMRB Stage 2 Scheme Assessment will be reported in the Preferred Options Report.

Preliminary Options Report Volume 1
(Main Body of Report)

PDF Document File Size
Executive Summary 1.2 MB
Table of Contents 80 KB
Section 1: Introduction 130 KB
Section 2: Existing Conditions 179 KB
Section 3: Alternative Schemes 103 KB
Section 4: Engineering Assessment 441 KB
Section 5: Consultations 36 KB
Section 6: Environmental Assessment 589 KB
Section 7: Traffic & Economic Assessment 396 KB
Section 8: Conclusion & Recommendations 73 KB
Appendix A 70 KB
Appendix B 484 KB
Appendix C 216 KB
Appendix D 19 MB

Preliminary Options Report Volume 2 (AST & Figures)

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Table of Contents 1.2 MB
AST's 155 KB
Report Figures  
Section 1: Figures 3.0 MB
Section 2: Figures 18 MB
Section 3: Figures 64 MB
Section 4.3: Figures 8.0 MB
Section 4.4: Figures 28 MB
Section 4.6: Figures 2.7 MB
Section 4.8: Figures 604 KB
Section 4.9: Figures 2.6 MB
Section 6: Figures 24 MB
Section 7.1: Figures 1.7 MB
Section 7.2: Figures 3.5 MB
Section 7.4: Figures 20 MB
Section 7.6: Figures 34 MB

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