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Proposed Scheme Report

The Proposed Scheme Report presents the findings from the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Stage 3 Scheme Assessment of the scheme. The assessment is carried out in accordance with DMRB Standard TD 37/93 entitled "Scheme Assessment Reporting" and identifies clearly the advantages and disadvantages, in environmental, engineering, economic and traffic terms, of the Proposed Scheme.

The Proposed Scheme Report is divided into parts:

Part 1: Environmental Statement

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Part 2: Engineering, Traffic and Economic Assessment Report
Volume 1 (Main Body of Report)

PDF Document File Size
Executive Summary 561 KB
Engineering, Traffic and Economic Assessment Report 4.0 MB

Part 2: Volume 2 (Appendices)

PDF Document File Size
Appendix A 172 KB
Appendix B 23 MB
Appendix C 46 MB
Appendix D 1.2 MB
Appendix E 10 MB
Appendix F 30 MB
Appendix G 745 KB
Appendix H 178 KB
Appendix I 263 KB

Part 2: Volume 3 (AST & Figures)

PDF Document File Size
Table of Contents 480 KB
Assessment Summary Table 176 KB
List of Report Figures 133 KB
List of Engineering Drawings 233 KB
Report Figures  
Section 1 Figures 30 MB
Section 2 Figures 2.0 MB
Section 5.1 Figures 1.3 MB
Section 5.2 Figures 1.4 MB
Section 5.3 Figures 13 MB
Section 5.5 Figures 6.8 MB
Section 5.6 Figures 6.7 MB

Part 2: Volume 3 (Engineering Drawings)

PDF Document File Size
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-IM000 IM001 Link References 4.9 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-ST001 Structures Reference Plan 2.8 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GE001 General Arrangement 2.0 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GE002 General Arrangement 5.0 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD001 GD011 Plans and Profiles 74 KB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD100 GD108 Cross Sections, Link 1 2.8 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD109 GD122 Cross Sections, Link 2 2.8 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD123 GD127 Cross Sections, Link 3 2. 8MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD128 GD132 Cross Sections, Link 4 2.4 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD133 - GD141 Cross Sections, Link 11 2.4 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE0-GD142 GD146 Cross Sections, Link 15 1.9 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD147 GD150 Cross Sections, Link 7 1.4 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD151 GD156 Cross Sections, Link 31 1.4 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD157 GD162 Cross Sections, Link 6 2.0 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD163 GD165 Cross Sections, Link 5 1.7 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD201 Design Speeds and Speed Limits 2.5 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-GD300 GD315 Junction Layouts 8.5 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-TM001 TM014 Temporary Traffic Management 33 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-SC001-SC017 Site Clearance 27 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-FE001 Fencing 1.9 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-DR-00022 00207 Drainage 16 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-EW101 EW201 Geotechnics 1.8 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-PK001 PK0019 Pavements 33 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-RS001 RS003 Traffic Signs and Road Markings 11 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-TS001 TS004 Traffic Signals 2.6 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-RE-LE001 Road Lighting 2.2 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-EE-MC001 Motorway Communications 624 KB
YSI-URS-BR-01-DR-SE-00001 00002 Bridge BR-001 2.6 MB
YSI-URS-BR-2A-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-02A 821 KB
YSI-URS-BR-2B-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-02B 851 KB
YSI-URS-BR-03-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-003 886 KB
YSI-URS-BR-04-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-004 663 KB
YSI-URS-BR-05-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-005 1.1 MB
YSI-URS-BR-06-DR-SE-00001 Bridge BR-006 817 KB
YSI-URS-CU-01-DR-SE-00001 Culverts 1.0 MB
YSI-URS-FS-01-DR-RE-00001 Lagan Bridge Foundation Works 849 KB
YSI-URS-DF-XX-DR-SE-00001 Dargan Bridge Foundation Works 1.7 MB
YSI-URS-PS-01-DR-SE-00001 Pumping Station 258 KB
YSI-URS-RW-01-DR-SE-00001 RW-34 Retaining Wall 6.6 MB
YSI-URS-UP-A1-DR-SE-00001 00003 Underpass UP-01A 548 KB
YSI-URS-UP-1B-DR-SE-00001 Underpass UP-01B 279 KB
YSI-URS-UP-2A-DR-SE-00001 Underpass UP-02A 270 KB
YSI-URS-UP-2B-DR-SE-00001 Underpass UP-02B 282 KB
YSI-URS-UP-GE-DR-SE-00001 00002 Underpass General Details and Locations 1.5 MB
YSI-URS-VC-01-DR-SE-00001 Variable Concrete Step Barrier 264 KB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-UT-00001 00043 Utilities 46 MB
YSI-URS-XX-XX-DR-EN-LD001 LD007 Landscaping and Ecology 9.8 MB

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